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We are focused on achieving no poverty through affordable and clean energy while taking climate action.
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Tynergy Technology Corp

Our Goals

Tynergy Technology Corp. is a sustainable energy development company. Our goal is to eradicate poverty through affordable and clean energy while taking climate action. In our ventures, we improve family-oriented communities by helping every individual and family be self-reliant on their energy needs. With innovation, we create new value and develop technologies to preserve the earth for future generations, leveraging precious rare earth that has been provided. We enable trade relations among countries to share resources to help all nations realize energy self-reliance.
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Our Network

With our network of partners within Tynergy Technology Group-P.T. PMA, we bring mining resources in Nickel, Silica, and Neodymium and realize the intent of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for prosperity, enabling fair, inclusive, connected, and resilient trade relations. Within Tynergy LLC, we help innovators commercialize technology discoveries, including sodium-ion batteries, magnetic flywheel amplifiers, and other renewable or sustainable energy products. Delivering silicon ingot processing and wafer polishing for the semiconductor manufacturing industry will be a capability to be developed. The Tynergy ecosystem will enable vertical integration strategies to improve the value chain.

Our Market

Tynergy Technology Corp. will partner with Sunder Energy LLC for its residential market, BridgeIG, and other private equity groups to deliver projects within the commercial and industrial segments of the market. Tynergy will also partner with the Wiraraja Group in Batam and the Mirah Group to produce silicon ingots for manufacturing semiconductors and solar cells. Green Wave Funding will secure the $3B+ green bonds for the Tynergy Group to complete projects in the USA, Indonesia, and other countries. Tynergy also has secured other private and public partnerships with grants and other economic incentives to assist other partners in developing sustainable projects. If you want to become a Tynergy Group partner or learn more, please engage our communications and strategy team.

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